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Dreamline XG Coloured Duo See Product
AFL Club Hawk Measure See Product
Factor - Coloured Fifty/50 See Product
Henselite Mens Metro 54 - Black See Product


Henselite has teamed up with the AFL to bring all lawn bowlers Official AFL licensed products. Now fans can show their true colours on the green and have their very own Official AFL Club Dreamline XG.

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Meet THE MBC team...

"Tan-ta Claus". This super helper is a chipper champ ready and raring to help anyone with their game. Everyone is on his nice list, so come and take advantage of specialist knowledge, you’ll leave the shop with cheer and confidence to take your bowling to new heights into next year. 

"Mrs. Cheryl- Claus"
Dash in store and chat about anything bowls related. This Christmas angel has a wealth of knowledge and can help blitz you on your way to a magical bowling future.

"Noel-Neil", Is quite jolly all year round, this elf is your go to buddy for all your bowls needs for this festive season and beyond. He’ll set you up with all the gear - so you can sleigh your game in 2019.

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Features: Bowls Australia-approved, non-slip outer sole.

  • Anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking inner-sole.
  • Ultra-lightweight, flexible midsole.
  • Extra width for a great fit.
  • Airflow mechanisms throughout upper.
  • Breathable mesh lining.
  • Contoured upper and footbed for midfoot and arch support.

(UK) sizes: 7-13 / (US) sizes: 5.5 - 11
With a full range of half sizes


Welcome to Melbourne Bowls Centre, the premier bowls shop. We provide bowlers with personal service and expert advice, coupled with quality products and keen prices.

Closing 12pm
Saturday 22 December 2018.

Re-opening 9am
Monday 7 January 2019.


Expert Advice

Drop (punt) by MBC for all your Footy Bowls needs.

320 Darebin Rd,
Fairfield VIC 3078

Coach Tan, is the backbone of MBC, leading the team, customers and the fans in the shop on the regular. Connecting with the team and the shoppers is his key focus, making shop-life super enjoyable.

Tan offers specialist advice when it comes to lawn bowls, backed with positive attitude and spirit for the game.

MBC runner – slash - orange girl Cheryl, loves to reminisce about all the speckies Alex Jesaulenko would take. Like Jezza, Chezza is always on top of her game, make sure you pop in to visit this champ - that’s front of house. She will offer great support and knowledge around your game and how you can take it to new heights!

MBC half-back flanker, Neil loves his Swannies as much as he loves visitors to the shop. Despite some hamstring tightness, this player is eager to front up and share specialist knowledge and advice with visitors. Make sure you pop in and chat to Neil about all games that feature on the green.

Come on in and have a chat about your game.

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Lay-By welcome!